Januari 15th-22nd 2023 

InDigo Smiles wil be hosting a life changing consiousness retreat at Travellers Lodge "Zoete Inval" in the South-African coastal town of Hermanus. Located at the amazing Western Cape where the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean collide,this place harbours an amazing energy!

This is one of the worlds magical places and prime location for seasonal whale spotting. The unique surroundings see an amazing quantity of unique flora and fauna all year round.

In the main house there are options for single or shared stay.

Please state your preference wile booking.

*Please note our prices are based on shared stay!*

For South Africa R7000 others $450 /E450

All including coaching,activities,excursions, accomodation,food and non alcoholic drinks.

Bookings made and payed after the 20th of December will have an added fee of  R750 or E50.-

Our program for the week

Daily start at 7 am with a sungreeting meditation

Breakfast at 8 am arranged by Zoete Inval

Daily check in form and planning coaching

Personal Coaching 10-12 am

Lunch 12-1 pm (on or off property)

1-4 pm Activities and ecursions.

4-6:30 pm free time to explore or rest

6:30 pm. dinnertime

We appreciate and encourage participating


At a mere 5 minute walk from our accomodation are some of the worlds most exiting hiking trails,tidal pools and shell beaches.

We will guide you to find the most amazing spots to breathe,relax,meditate,hear yourself think and maybe even

dance and sing! :) :) :)

We have spotted whales,black seals and dolphins from the shore..

Try your luck and stare out over the ocean,feel the vibe!

Social Media Bootcamp

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Nice to meet you!

I am Inga from the Netherlands.

Tattoo-artist and daydreamer in daily life..

As I came to South-Africa in 2019 to explore a love connection,I soon found out that my LOVE lies with this unique and beatiful country and not with one person in particular.

Getting stuck here for 5 months due to Corona travel restrictions one would think to be stuck between a rock and a hard place,but the opposite turned out to be true!!

It opened the door to new friendships and new business opportunities which I decided to grab with both hands.

On the internet I came across a life coach named Brett Shuttleworth,a South-African teacher,mentor and universal inspirer.

This led to an inner journey for me,exploring my true meaning in life.

Having guided many young peolpe towards an artistic career and coaching them to become selfsufficiant and selfsupportive,it felt like the right time to explore my qualities in the field of consiousness coaching.

The Smiling Soul Coaching Academy proved to provide an intense education,structuring self knowledge and opening many portals within my life experience.

Having grown into my coaching role,I am now available to do the same for you! 

Being one of your hosts at InDigo Smiles retreats,I also offer online coaching,you are welcome to email me directly


 I am Deon from Cape Town,South Africa.

I'm a PhD scientist (human genetics)by training and currently marketing specialist in biotechnology and applications.

I have been searching for something to do as part ofmy life-callingto help others in finding direction after I ended up in a life predicementa few years ago,where my livelyhood and direction was compromised tremendously,but with the power of perseverence and merciful believing in finding a new purpose,I amback on my feet,and became ready to "turn my mess into my message" (quoted from my teacher and mentor Brett Shuttleworth from Smiling Soul Coaching Academy

where I qualified as a Life Coach)

Throughout my life I have met many coming to me for guidance and have been made to believe that my true life purpose is is to help others in finding their purpose, This journey is now in full swing through the skills required for consiousness coaching,learned at the very meaningful education from Smiling Souls Coaching Academy. Combined with my own life experience this equipped me to enable others to open up to awesome personal abundance!

In addition to being your co-host at InDIgo Smiles Retreats and Coaching, I am also available to you for personal life coaching (either online or in person) and you are wecome to contact me directly at;


InDigo Smiles

We are exited to welcome you to our official website ;

Meet your InDigo Smiles Retreats and Coaching hosts

Inga an Wijngaarden from Amsterdam and Deon Pretorius from Capetown.

Smiling Soul Coaching Acadamy graduates,loving life.. and maybe your future coaching partners!

Consiousness coaching and retreats with an holistic touch.

Personal growth,hightened dicipline and trust in your own abilities.

We offerpersonal and online coaching.

Email us about the options and price plaese.

The 6 day retreat in Januari costs R7000 for South Africa.

     or E450,  $450,-

Email us for bookings indigosmilesretreatscoaching@gmail.com

This includes daily coaching,activities and ecursions,accomodation,breakfast and dinner,non alcoholics,

We also offer massage therapy,yoga and basic martial art clinics.

If you wish to make use of the accomodation outside of the days of the retreat we ask you to contact Zoete Inval directly

www.zoeteinval.co.za     +27(0)23121242

Feel free to What'sApp us for contact and information!

Deon; +27 81 261168

Inga;   +31 611114838

We will answer you as soon as possible.

Very often we are unaware of past trauma's and negative thoughts we carry with us.

This can for instance be abusive (childhood) relationships,unfinished educations,

substance abuse and can result in procrastination and closing off.

We either do not want to see them,fear them and try to hide them away from ourselves

and other people in everyday life..

Only to find out that not dealing with negative thoughts and feelings often results in making the

same mistake over and over again,which then make us feel down and that can convince us that

"that's just the way it is".. We are failing because we are not good enough.

If you recognise this,it is time to step up and deal with it!

Because you can change!

All you need to do is dare and commit to your desicion.

We are sure you have heard of coaching , but you might have wondered if this really works..

Understand that all famous people,politicians,sports legends and coaches work with coaches!

It is actually for the strong and the willing to move forward!

Being coached gives us guidelines,practical tools and feedback in everyday life.

We all get stuck at times,dealing with old trauma's,not knowing which changes to make for ourselves and

wishing for better days and better results from our efforts..

Almost all humans have a tendency to put off important dicisions,waiting for the exact right time..

This is where coaching can be of amazing help to you!

Conciousness coaching

and retreats


Iemand die iets aardigs zegt over wat u doet, is van onschatbare waarde. Klik hier om een citaat van een klant of fan toe te voegen.

— Anne Smith

Iemand die iets aardigs zegt over wat u doet, is van onschatbare waarde. Klik hier om een citaat van een klant of fan toe te voegen.

— Laura Mattis